Law of mirrors … Change the frequency and rise.

Light and Dark are just two sides of our Duality Nature. We all have both, they are One. You can learn a lot about your Life by understanding what Unconscious behaviors are You Projecting on others. Only with detached observation we can find the Truth.

Instead of: How can they hurt me like this? Why are they treating me so bad? I am disgusted by their reactions.
Try to look from above: What am I not seeing yet and because of that, hurting Myself like this? What are they showing Me with their reactions? I wouldn’t be in this situation if I didn’t needed it and be on the same Vibrational frequency with it. The answer is always Reflected to me and For me. The same moment you gain Clarity of insight you Create and open an entirely New pathway toward people who will appear in your Reality to Mirror you your new Beliefs: I deserve to treat Myself better. I am worthy of Respect and a Conscious partner/friend. I do not tolerate superiority or inferiority.

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