The Eclipses 2017

Currently we are experiencing some turbulent times. Strong Emotions and awareness of our behaviors are arising. We are intensely facing ourSelves, our good with the bad. The eclipses manifest as a strong push toward our Destined path. Everything is amplified right now so we can take take a Deeper look in the Mirror. If we are going in the right way, the way meant for us, we are experiencing exciting, new, big, and life changing events that feel Right and amazing. If we are failing to see in which direction to go, if we are repeating past mistakes, if we want to be somebody we are Not, if our Ego’s greed is bigger than our Soul’s needs or if we are not setting healthy boundaries for ourselves then it feels Wrong and not in sync with our Growth. For those who are in the middle of painful breakups, need to take time to process the shock and have Faith that everything that is happening is for the best, the Big picture will reveal itself eventually. Slow down and find the calm in the Storm.

Fall down 7x, get up 8x.

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