Lilith conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius – July till November 2017

Lilith conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius – July till November 2017 – Exact 21/8 till 29/8 (Orb – 5 degrees);

Lilith conjunct Saturn in Capricorn – November till February 2018

Our negative, suppressed and denied emotions meet the master of karma, adulthood, tough love and present reality. Together they create tension, emotional storms, depression and above all a long, hard look at the ugliness of being a human.

Someone hurt you deeply by being unfair to you… Someone is loving you only conditionally and acts like he/she is superior to you… Life seems unfair and goals unreachable… You feel you are deprived of good things and lost in the labyrinth of lack… You feel inadequate and weak… Your wants and needs are not in sync with your reality… Success is slippery… Life seems pointless… You feel like you can’t talk with anybody… You want to be truthful but feel like a fraud… Others seem to have all worked out but your happiness is always delayed… You excitingly travel to foreign lands to discover it’s not what you expected it to be… Your teacher or friend falls off the pedestal as his/hers darkness has been exposed… Your actions are fueled by greed, narcissism, fear of survival or lust for power and you can now finally see it… Your social status collapses… The image you project to the outside world is colored with lies and self-deceit… You are not respecting your own boundaries and therefore others’… You put too much burden on your shoulders and inevitably break… You feel very unsatisfied no matter how much effort you give into your work… This world makes you tired and alienated…

Can you accept the unacceptable and free yourself?


This energy was most condensed around the 21/8, intensified and amplified by ten by the Solar Eclipse in Leo, also making a grand fire trine with Saturn-Lilith and Uranus which brought us some Shocking revelations and very strong pushes into a new Life direction, the right one for us. What now? Let’s reflect on this reminder we are experiencing, make Conscious what is going on and Change the old, undesirable and pointless behavior. We need to mature and Accept the things we want to accept the least. Acceptance is the end of conflict. Selfish Ego-serving times are in gradual Descend. Orientation toward community, cooperation, group evolution and intelligent, friendly support are the Future with learning how to express our Egos (Leo) inside the group in a Selfless, high-frequency way, which is very different from how our past generations have been behaving. We are all responsible for the New World Order, here and now.

Saturn – Lilith’s square to Neptune and Chiron in Sagittarius – Pisces is also ending this year, leaving us with gained Realistic insights about the painful parts of our lives and shining the Light, Hope and Faith of Sagittarius into the distorted Piscean parts of our realities. This is just one of the necessary steps in the bigger picture of human transformation. Next year energy and focus will change radically when Uranus moves into Taurus, Chiron in Aries, and in the year after when the most important astrological event will take place and Fundamentally Shake the ground we walk on in Massive and Unimaginable ways, the Big Saturn-South Node-Pluto conjunction in 2019. More about that next time.

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