Pluto+Saturn+South Node – March to August

Pluto+Saturn & Saturn+South Node – September to November


Pluto+Saturn – December (2019) to March

Pluto+Saturn – July to December

Jupiter+Pluto – March to December 2020

Jupiter+Saturn+Pluto – October to December 2020


Exact conjunctions in Capricorn:

Pluto+South Node – March 2019 !!

Saturn+South Node – May 2019

Pluto+Saturn+Sun+Mercury+LUNAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER  – January 2020 !!

Jupiter+South Node – January 2020

Jupiter+Pluto – March, April, June, November 2020

Jupiter+Saturn – December 2020

Mars+South Node – February 2020

Mars+Jupiter+Pluto+Saturn – March 2020 !!


Possible outcomes: big natural disasters with the intention of opening our eyes and humbling us, big picture events that affect the whole world, change of leadership, powerful and long lasting changes, fall of the powerful, extreme limitations, emotional/financial death, highly explosive emotions arising, a heartbreaking and heavy »let go« of the past, stable and long-term plans, organizations or relationships will break in half, a bitter and pessimistic stage of slow adaptation  …   Which will gradually transmute into building a new way of safe and firm structures, extreme changes in relationships, starting a new life with completely new partners/circumstances, the right ones for the next step in our (collective) evolution, change of homes, moving away to a new place in the world, starting new businesses and finding new purposes, changing the way how we climb »up the social ladder«, how we communicate and perceive Reality.


Planets on the South Node mean that we are forced into humility by Circumstances to pay off the Unconscious karmic debt we have accumulated, it means we maxed out our Spiritual credit cards big time and need to stop with the over-shopping regarding the house/sign/planet area, in this lifetime. Higher awareness is needed to create a balance with the North Node. Strong identification with Capricorn power, authority and control will collapse into million pieces, guiding us to develop and express more of the North Node in Cancer traits: Unconditional Love, Nurturing, Compassion, Emotional support,… Planets on the South Node of this mind-blowing Conjunction show us what we need to do »less of« because we did not use the Capricorn Power correctly in the past; we were irresponsible with it (in the overall wider structure of our Society) and put the wrong people for the wrong reasons into positions of power. We will be intensely faced with how we materially take care of our Families and provide Safety for them (right now we are Terrible at it), how we handle money, globally and personally and how we perceive long term planning to achieve success (up until now this was based on wrong values). Maybe this will be the fundamental End of Patriarchy and false domination of the Ego where finally evolved and spiritually aware Women could rise to be our Leaders. We need to Teach each other how to emotionally take care of ourselves and others and create a balance between masculine and feminine parts inside us.


The hunger for power and control has made us Blind and extremely overstressed and now the time has come to restructure our Values. Many families suffer because of the fast life tempo, long working hours and emotional imbalance because we are not really connected with our spiritual selves and emotions. Values and Beliefs of our whole society and long-term structure is simply Fucked up. For example: some countries have already reduced the weekly hours in a full-time Employment and report back with great results, people are becoming more relaxed and have more time to emotionally connect with the people and things that they love. In some countries health care and education are Free because they don’t see the point in making people poor and miserable. Values which were ingrained into Human made laws and our Psyches a very long time ago will fall apart and we will have a Once in a Century opportunity to create and build new ones, Healthy and balanced ones. We cannot just keep increasing costs of living higher and higher while incomes stay the same, in the long term that is a highly Disturbed and Failed plan. We need to take responsibility for our Community in a New Way. We will have the Cosmic support to make an End to this because it is absolute Madness. Our Consciousness will shift on a very deep level. Crises will happen which will make us Understand that we need to focus more on expressing love and cooperation instead of greed and separation. You cannot fill a hole in your Soul with money or success if in reality it needs love and affection. We are destroying ourselves Full On speed. For what? For a gold star on our tombstones?


Man made Laws from centuries ago were created from Fear not Love and therefore need to Change radically if we don’t want to live in a world of extreme lack, unconscious behavior, stress, unfulfilled dreams and unfair rules for society while transmitting the destructive patterns onto our children who are highly Depressed and not in sync with their true purpose because of all the Shit they have accumulated in their bodies, minds, and souls from their ancestors. For example: Women in the 18th and 19th century were brutally punished for masturbating. That’s only two generations ago. The memories still linger around us even if we are not fully Aware of it. Men in positions of power misused this power over women’s lives, they damaged, destroyed, abused, denied and manipulated women’s sexual lives. If a woman masturbated back then it was “normal” for her to be punished with cruel brutality. The irony is men also have an Inner Female in them and by causing painful injuries and delusional Devaluement to women they were doing it to themselves too. Being in a Loving contact with the most Important part of a female body, her Sexuality, was considered shameful. Most of women today are still not connected to their sexuality in the right way because of Fear and not really feeling Safe. This feeling is still very present, alive and a strong Unconscious pattern in All of us. We are all connected on a deeper Level and only by Uniting our Inner male and female Part we can manifest that Unity in the outside world. We need to learn how to Unconditionally Love ourselves including all the bad stuff that has happened and was carried on through our ancestor lineage.


We have deeply lost our connection to Natural laws and our planet Earth itself, which is nicely displayed in the movie Avatar. This movie embodies the Rare planetary configuration and Times that are coming our way. We will need to raise our Awareness and change our Actions to a whole New level and start planning a whole new social and personal emotional-financial safety structure while we bravely jump into the Unknown territory with the intention of bringing together communities with new materially-spiritually balanced lifestyles. Just like Jake Sully in Avatar, being clearly faced with our bad past decisions after enduring defeat and colossal destruction, we can make a Bold new move and jump on the biggest and badest »Bird« in the sky who will connect us to our Real power and give us the necessary resources and motivation to radically change our collective Path like never before in the History of our living generations. It’s a Biggie and it’s going to be hard. An Extreme dose of cold reality. Maybe some real »cosmic parenting« is needed so we can wake up from the immature behavior and the Lies we have been telling ourselves. It obviously didn’t help us get what we want, so maybe this will.

Mars, Jupiter and Eclipses will give us the extra Push and Willpower for actions and to »download« new knowledge and discipline to make things happen.

This is only a little over a year away. The preparation has already started.



Other players in the game will also be: Chiron in Aries who will contribute to opening our wounds and scars with tension and conflict involved since the signs are naturally in a Square. Black Moon Lilith, our suppressed Dark emotions will join Chiron in Aries for most of the year 2020 and add the radioactive explosiveness into the mix. This will put some extra salt on our feelings of unworthiness, inadequacy and our bad negative habits. We need to be Conscious about it and heal our wounded masculinity (Aries). At the same time, Uranus will support this Capricorn Conjunction with a Trine from Taurus with sending us a lot of motivation for progress, change and genius insights on how to make it happen. Our values, how we handle money, relationships, resources and enjoy life will change a lot in the next 10 years. Finding ways how to Heal our bodies and educating ourselves with new knowledge on how to be comfortable and relaxed will make a big difference in our evolution. Hanna Somatic Education is one of the Revolutionary mind – body trainings which helped me a lot and expanded my horizons, it’s something worth looking into. I didn’t even realize that I was tense All the time until I started to learn about this method. Neptune sextiling the Conjunction from Pisces will also give us the support and compassion to stay aware of the spiritual importance, the part of life where we tap into our dreams, collective unity, artistic expression and cosmic love, where lies a deeper understanding of Our Interconnectedness. Finding Shamans and Healers working genuinely from their hearts can also help us grow through a rough period of Transformation.




The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success. While the preceding symbol referred to the drive toward success in culturally organized collective endeavors, this one presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. History shows us how totally vanquished nations have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will and the inner integrity of the person. At this stage we find what seems to be a paradox, but the spiritual life is always paradoxical. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and a medieval Pope a criminal. What matters most always is INNER STRENGTH.



I have Pluto conjunct South Node at the beginning of Scorpio (orb 3 degrees) in my chart. And I also have IC conjunct Mars toward the end of Scorpio. When Saturn transited through Scorpio 2012 to 2015 I experienced enormous, serious, significant and far-reaching transformation. I completely lost control of Everything and it was very, very emotionally painful. I’ve been isolated for most of that time, facing myself, my traumas and limitations. I had to forcefully let go of all that I was unconsciously clinging to for decades and was blocking my Growth. Everything changed and went away, my whole life was shattered on the floor in small pieces. It was the most Fucking Hard period of my Life beside my Saturn Return in Sagittarius.

Saturn+Pluto+South Node 1st exact conjunction:

The end of my job and after that I stayed unemployed for 2 years. The end of very important and deep Plutonic relationships where I finally let them go after 12 years. Massive destruction and extreme sadness,  to the breaking point. Emotional death and the start of recovery.

Saturn+Pluto+South Node 2nd exact conjunction:

The end of money resources, long-term goals and of the world as I knew it. The change in my character was becoming more obvious and also scary. Facing deep loneliness, pain, loss, and powerlessness on a daily basis. Complete loss of purpose. Facing the past I’ve outgrown unrecognizably. Facing debt, failure, uncertainty and the end of too dependent relationships.

Saturn+Pluto+South Node 3rd exact conjunction:

A new beginning and slowly turning forward. New emotionally fulfilling things coming into my life after 2 years of nothingness and meaninglessness. Radical change following after 6 months when I found my purpose and started studying Astrology. I also started managing my own money with spreadsheets, taking control of my Life, being more independent and got a new job. Today I don’t even remember the person I used to be and I am doing things that I could only dream of doing before the transit.


  1. Thank you so much for this powerful post. I can totally relate as Pluto is approaching my own South node which will be conjunct the Nodes in May 2019


  2. Thank you for the article. I will face the saturn +pluto next year conjunct my South node. At the moment I am on a diet to lose weight. I’ve heard that saturn pluto oddly aspected by transit to the south node gives more power if you are aware of how you can manage your resources better. I am thinking this as a powerful transit that might transform my life for the better since I am waiting for this transformation to come a long time ago. Because I need it. And now the universe will give me the tools to build my endurance to do so. So, yes, maybe it’s gonna be difficult but necessary.


  3. You are very welcome 🙂 It will be a big one for all of us. And yes, the more self-conscious you are the more power is there for you to use for your growth! An attitude of responsibility and acceptance is the right way to go. All the best my dear 🙂


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