Big changes in the Year 2018 🌍


Uranus in Taurus (revolution of stable and conservative values, money and resource management; after the newly owned freedom gained in Aries)

Chiron in Aries (confronting wounds and inadequacy boldly and head on; the opposite way of passive, empathetic and easily hurt Pisces)

Saturn in Capricorn (building safe and realistic structures, maturing in the business world, establishing new rules; putting knowledge of Sagittarius into practice)

Jupiter in Scorpio (connecting on a deeper level with things/people that make us happy, luck in strong bonding and shared power; exploring the hidden truth)


Mars (action, anger, expression of Self) meeting/conjuncting all of them and starting new cycles/opportunities:

Mars + Jupiter (17/18 deg. Scorpio) in January

Mars + Saturn (8 deg. Capricorn) in March/April

Mars + Chiron (28 deg. Pisces) in December

Mars + Uranus (29 deg. Aries) in February 2019


We are angry. We are sick and tired of this System. This is the beginning of an end of being agreeable, non-realistically compassionate, smiling on demand and bowing down to Society who is violently force-feeding us with its bullshit. We are still living and operating under Rules made by some idiots in a time completely noncompatible with the times we are living in today. We are putting extreme pressure on ourselves and are not in sync with our bodies which are ruled by Natural laws. Let’s have more coffee and more chocolate and more meat and more pills so we can do more work and more drugs and more alcohol and more TV and more spiritual babbling and more material accumulation, give us more, more, more!! Let’s work way more hours in a day that our bodies are capable of, let’s do all day long the things that we really don’t want to do but need to do if we want to feed ourselves and our families and give a roof over our heads. This stupidity is unmeasurable. Let’s destroy ourselves and our planet just because that’s how we were taught.




I used to admire people who had a hard life, were poor, unloved and unsuccessful and later after years and years of struggle made a change and somehow miraculously turned everything around to abundance, power, wealth and success. I don’t anymore. At all. Why? Because this is just a reflection of the Society we are living in. Are we seriously encouraging suffering and Sustaining a System that is based on Lies, Deceit, Violence, Non-affection, Fear, Hate, Ignorance, Stress, Physical and Mental exhaustion, Terrible values and Greed, and then congratulate people when they overcome it? There shouldn’t be anyone living in Hell conditions in the first place!! Even if you radically change your life and circumstances (again, by doing way more work than you are naturally designed to, putting extreme pressure on yourself to catch up with the competition), you will never, ever completely heal your wounds and Traumas you experienced as a child. That’s why we need to take a radically New approach to the whole Structure, starting from childhood up. We can only do that by becoming Realistic and Conscious of everything that is wrong, and finally find the courage to step up, go into the Lion den and make them submissive (I don’t mean that in a Superior Ego way. Superiority is Delusional.). Afterall, we are the new Leaders of our Generation and the old leadership needs to change, Now! Changing the System is a very big project and demands a lot of Conscious, Fair, Intelligent, Community and Cooperation oriented people, Pioneers and Geniuses in different areas to make it work. So if you were waiting for a lightbulb to turn on in your head what to do with your life, this is it! School system, health care system, government system, food system, education system, money system, work system. Time is coming to make long-lasting changes in our physical world (Taurus, Capricorn). People with Pluto in Virgo will have great support from a Grand Earth Trine for a while formed by powerful players of Change (exact trine will be in August/September 2018 with Saturn at 2 deg. Capricorn and Uranus at 2 deg. Taurus). Chiron will help us to courageously break new ground and Jupiter will sense any bullshit behind the spoken words. We need to merge with people who are Aware enough to make stuff happen, together we can reach and amplify our source of Power and make honest, genuine and smart choices and actions. Creating a new Society which is Inspiring, Trustworthy, Respectable, Kind, knows how to Love itself and creates balance between Natural and Human-made Law, is All of Our Responsibility. We need to acknowledge and change the root cause of our problems and not putting band-aids on our bleeding wounds. Empty spiritual talk of Chiron in Pisces will not solve the issues. It’s just what it is, words we want to hear to make us feel better temporarily. We needed it then to go through the transit but now it’s over! And it is only one part of the Big picture, the whole picture has many, many pieces. A balance is needed between spiritual and material, for example; taking a painkiller when you are in a physical accident and going to a Shaman to help you heal Soul pain.

Depression. The horrible, dark and twisted disease that takes lives and destroys our happiness. Why does it happen? Did we really ask ourselves why? People kill themselves because of it or spend a lifetime alone between four walls in misery, despair and loneliness. Someone who is emotionally very sensitive to the Collective energetic body and mentally too agreeable with others and on top of that doesn’t do what he loves doing 40 hours a week, is very tired and demotivated most of his free time. Which isn’t really free time when he has to work at home too (kids, housework) and doesn’t really have money to take the needed holiday. He never really Rests. And when he retires he can’t even feel his fingers or has one leg extremely shorter than the other because of the same unhealthy repeating stressful movements at work, decade after decade. Or someone who loves what he does, an artist, a successful singer with a dreamy life seen from the outside suddenly commits suicide because there is too much of everything all the time. Constant rush, adrenaline, pleasing overly fanatical fans (who are fanatical for the same reason, living unhappy lives and projecting their desires onto the artist – who needs that?!), being too available, operating under extreme circumstances, being stuck in emotional pain, carrying the burden of a Non-Loving Society and Traumas, feeling empty and giving too much away. Most of them are somewhere in the middle, sustaining the »manageable« on the outside, »low quality« on the inside. Depression is not a consequence of some mysterious reason but a consequence of a seriously fucked up System and Education. Fundamental explanation of Depression: when giving is Not in equal balance with receiving. If we want to be a happy Society we need to make better choices and connect the freaking dots.



Rest in Peace Angel 💞💫


What else is messing with our brains? The food we put inside our bodies. The big Saturn-South Node-Pluto conjunction will be opposed by the North Node in Cancer. Cancer is Unconditional Love and Nurture (cooking for our loved ones). It seems we are severely lacking in these traits. Most people eat and drink more stimulants and chemicals than they do real food. Is this really still not obvious how much it’s affecting us? Try to eat raw fruits and vegetables for a month and you will be shocked what that does to your body functions. It Slows you down, extremely. You feel Peace, Happiness and Nurture like never before. Cooked food is also good because we are used to it, are emotionally attached to it and like cooking it. It just needs to be natural and not overcooked to absorb the vitamins and minerals better. If rules regarding what is good for a human and what not would change, our supermarkets would look very different and so would the humans. Changing food habits changes your behavior and reduces diseases. I support veganism which is the cure for a less aggressive Society, a deeper connection to Nature, stronger compassion to animals and consequently human beings and a Cleaner Planet. When delusional Egoic superiority to animals reduces, equality, cooperation and empathy rises.

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