As below, so above. As the inner, so the outer. The individual human being (microcosm) reflected in the wider universe (macrocosm) and back the other way around. The same powers that created stars in the sky also created the human body. It is an interconnected system which is a two-way influence, a relationship always affecting and reflecting each other on a level that our mind cannot really comprehend. It’s like a movie projector, putting out a picture that is inside on a vast mysterious tape. We are constantly projecting all of our most beautiful qualities and ugliest weaknesses onto the humans around us. Each modality in its own way, Air sign does it mentally, Water sign feels it emotionally, Earth sign physically and Fire sign spiritually. That’s how we are made but the difference is, as always, in the level of awareness. The more you know you are doing it and understand the Truth behind it, the higher level of freedom, progress and clarity reaches you.

For example, let’s take my Moon in Leo (wants to express love and create art) in the 12th house (through merging in a dreamy, compassionate Neptunian collective oneness and solitude where She finds her safety). Neptune, the Projectionist, in Capricorn (adding intuition from outer worlds into the mix of concrete, earthy ambitions, responsibility and structure) sitting in my 5th house of romance, hobbies and self-expression is forming a Kite configuration and therefore touching my ASC in Leo (my personality), my North node in Taurus in the 9th house (my destiny, growth, developing new qualities, searching for meaning) and South Node-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in 3rd house (intensity, depth and need for extreme evolution regarding talking, writing, learning). Neptune is also making a Yod (inconjunctions create a feeling of separateness, like parts of you are scattered all over the place, it’s hard to find common ground) with Pluto and Chiron in Gemini in the 10th house where Chiron (inadequacy, overcompensating) is the main focus/issue for me and if that wasn’t enough,  Saturn in Sagittarius is located exactly opposite of him on the Yod midpoint. The sign Pisces which is ruled by Neptune is located in my 7th and 8th House of social connections and intimate relationships.  All of this means that Neptunian Projections are making a big impact on a lot of important details in my life. I have to be very Conscious in the situations mentioned above if I don’t want to get lost in a spiritual dimension which clashes with the real world around me. I will always easily drift away to an imaginative world but I also need to sustain a healthy balance with grounded Saturn to keep things real. With Saturn soon moving into Capricorn he will help me build new solid foundations for my creative expression, fun related activities and teach me how to merge my gifts and talents with business and my inner authority.



Lack of Conscious Awareness creates Non-realistic scenarios


The other biggest Projection player is Pluto, in my case conjunct South Node squaring almost exactly my Sun, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius in the 6th house (work, health, alternative medicine, offering innovative service to Community). Pluto in the sign of powerful Depth of perception, emotion and transformation is an unconscious Projection in an aspect causing tension to Sun (ego, willpower, self, masculine), Venus (needs, values, love for self and other, feminine), Mercury (thoughts, words, communication channels). Everything I do, say or feel is intensely projected onto other people. My transformation from being a completely unconscious person, expressing myself purely through raw, animal emotional energy and implanted social patterns while being at the mercy of uncontrollable inner tornados of mostly negative energy to being very conscious, calm, educated and in touch with myself was very painful. I was crippled by Fear, had a serious identity crisis for years and self-destructive behavior. The Plutonic Projections are deeply rooted and no joke, Pluto wants to merge, he wants to own your/others’ Soul. His need for catharsis is insatiable. So, if you are not clear about your values, needs, life direction, inner power or what do you want to say with your words then you are gonna project it All onto others in relationships. The stronger the intimacy, the stronger the desire that they will fulfill those needs you should be fulfilling yourself followed by the mysterious pull toward your control over it and the power plays you will play to sustain that imaginary power. When they won’t match your fantasy you will want to fight or run. But it’s not gonna help you since you are carrying the root of your problem in you, You. Pluto/Scorpio has such strong lust for his hypnotizing desires, that the passionate merging with another magnetic Soul makes you forget all about what would be the right thing to do in that moment. So we fail and we learn when our cheeks hit the cold concrete of disappointment, sadness, anger and loss. Our ego is pulled into dark places, so the light of the Sun must become stronger and more Conscious, and we must set a Higher purpose goal of healing and evolving for ourselves to achieve the ultimate gift of Pluto, complete destruction of the old and the most incredible transformation afterward! With Pluto you need to face and accept your dark side, you cannot be one without the other, the best way to use Him is to find a constructive channel through which you can do what your Soul wants to do. It takes a long time, it’s a slow process, but when the call is getting louder, you just need to go out there and make it fucking happen! Then your perspective changes and opens widely where You put yourself in the position of someone who is here to be of service to others, including your intimate partners who push the dangerous red buttons the most, and you leave the scared, identityless or aggressive, nasty, unfair and brutal person behind.

There are always complex feelings regarding the matters of the Pluto houses (intense feelings of privacy and not trusting, because we feel the real Truth behind the small talk, the real deal of what is going on underneath). We do not tolerate lies and it takes a very long time to open ourselves, especially when we’ve had harder traumatic experiences to overcome and our trust was broken again and again and again.  A lot of us were never heard, listened to, never got the chance to really be ourselves, to be valued; this is actually one of the most common social problems for a lot of generations now. We were not allowed to shine our uniqueness or maybe we just adopted the beliefs that we weren’t worthy of love because of the ways people treated us and never took the time, patience and compassion to understand us. How could they, we are completely different than most of them and have entirely different perspective on Life. Pluto in Virgo generation completely transformed the way we see the human body (that is, the ones that are Conscious enough, others are just living the superficial life), we evolved extremely in the way how to heal ourselves and are aware of a  lot of details that we weren’t before. Then Pluto in Libra and Scorpio happened and we are cutting through the old ways of what Being in a Relationship actually means, without mercy. It is painful for us because a lot of us had to spend certain very long periods of time alone in our contemplation and maybe had more failed attempts that we planned or were lost because we are innovators and creating new paths for our sons, daughters, and nephews in this area but we are under no circumstances satisfied with the old ways of relating, which was our natural psychological inheritance from our parents, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Even if it means that we will sacrifice the thing most important to us, having a safe, loving relationship, we sense deeply that we need to change ourselves, our Core beliefs and behaviors to create what we were sent here for, to do our part in the evolution of Human consciousness.




A lot of people, including my grandfather, in the ex-Yugoslavia area where I lived, were deeply impacted by and involved in the war which stirred a lot of emotional pain into the already terrible parenting mixture. He had to kill people because of Society’s stupidity so I actually lived with a murderer who was heavily traumatised by it in my most sensitive years. My dad ran away from everything and was also in prison for doing illegal activities and the women in our family were humiliated and treated unfairly on a daily basis. Living in that house was a fucking nightmare. Emotions were suppressed, never allowed, you were always criticized and walked over without having a right to be an equal. Your needs were ignored, your pain was mocked and you never felt really supported and loved.  Everything happened that it shouldn’t. Running in circles of loneliness, hate and sorrow and it was all projected onto children with silent, hidden screams of Hope: “Please somebody end this. Help me change it. I’m not strong enough myself.” My dad cut me out of his life because of his primitive and antiquated beliefs and he will not evolve in the right direction in this lifetime so I burned my half of the bridge as well, but I was very lucky that my mum made the right choice and together we made such a big progress in the last 10 years; I could never go this deep on my own. We transformed our relationship from the depths of ugly Hell prison, projecting anger, hate, shame, manipulation, suffocation, unworthiness and disrespect to a loving, respectful, patient, compassionate, peaceful and supportive one.  We learned how to talk to each other, how to deal with pressing each others’ buttons, how to Consciously create a safe and happy environment for our relationship, how to work on ourselves, how to heal our wounds, how to understand the bigger picture behind everything. We are training ourselves and learning how to live with the mindset of peace and abundance, how to accept Life as it is, take responsibility for our Projections and balance the good with the bad.

Projection is a serious problem in Society. For example, when someone tells you that you are not charismatic enough to do Youtube videos or whatever they are telling you, they are talking about themselves not you. So they can go fuck themselves and you go and do it anyway. Enough is enough. Decades and centuries of Abuse need to stop!! We need to become more aware of the Projections in our lives and learn how to be able to see through the veil. Projecting our own Power onto others is limiting and blocking us from seeing the Truth of who we are. We need to change a lot and fully transition from the age of non-realistic and passive Pisces to the smart and friendly age of Aquarius, and Consciously work things through with our partners/friends/family members in our relationships (with the ones that want to, others we need to Let go). We are obviously doing a lot of things very wrong as it is all clearly reflected back to us through Society.

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