This article is related to Astrology in a more indirect way but still very important and a big part of it. We feel our bodies and our Earthly life through our 5 senses, our earth signs, planets and houses. We connect to our Planet and its Natural laws through our physical sensuality which is directly connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual senses. It all goes and comes back around in a circle, when we put in the effort and work into any of those areas to improve ourselves, to progress in life  and let go of the baggage which is limiting us, there is a ripple effect through all of our different layers and complex design. We and consequently others benefit from removing pain, fear and limitations from our lives and adding joy, freedom and pleasure to our daily routine. How to move our bodies in a way that feels good is not something we have been taught or shown when growing up. Today we are mostly just experimenting with different types of exercise but not really fully understanding it. We are lacking in the most important ingredient, Awareness. The ability to use the physical part of us, for example our muscles, for our Personal Growth has not been available to us because the baggage, the fear and old destructive ways of Being was blocking us from seeing things clearly.

The earliest shapes of modern Somatics were traditional Asian movements like Yoga and Tai chi and later in the 1800’s Somatic pioneers emerged in Europe, passing on their knowledge to others. Thomas Hanna, PhD then developed a Somatic practice in 1970 which is again developing and being improved by new therapists and teachers today. This is a very valuable practice guiding us back to our slower, more natural pace. We gain back control over our muscles and their movement while at the same time we eliminate the traumas and old emotions locked inside our muscles, unconsciously leading our lives into directions we don’t really want to go!



Mostly, people are constantly tired. This happens because we are not in control of our movements, we are doing repetitive tasks by force, we carry various unresolved traumas inside us and we are completely unaware that our muscles stay contracted 24/7.


Hanna Somatic Education is the only practice that can fix the condition called Sensory motor amnesia, which means that chronically tight muscles have learned to stay contracted due to repetitive responses to pain and stress caused by injuries, surgeries, repetitive daily movements and ongoing emotional stress. It’s a mind-body training where we re-educate our Brain because it is the main and root cause of most chronic muscle pains. Our suppressed emotions are also hidden in them and only with the right movements, slowly and gradually we can release our traumas and finally live a happy, pain-free life. We learn how to regain Awareness, sensation and control of our muscles so we can remember how to relax and move the muscles in a way that causes us pleasure and comfort instead of pain and illness.

Somatic Education radically changed my philosophy and perspective on things after I took the time to understand how to move my body in a completely new way, much more aware, to live a life without heavy pain, tiredness and extreme stress. It all started when I had severe back pain when I was 28 and couldn’t walk for weeks. After that the pain never completely went away until I discovered this revolutionary method. It took me years to find it and I tried a lot of other things where nothing helped me long-term. Now I combine Somatic exercises with gentle Yoga movements and I have experienced a transformation of a lifetime, I learned how to be in touch with my senses and I respect my limitations. I respect myself! I released heavy traumas from decades ago and I can move joyfully without constant tension. I woke up long time sleeping muscles which affected me in amazing ways on lots of levels. I can smell the flowers now and feel the connection to nature in a way I had never before. I learned how to Really relax. Our fast modern lifestyles make our muscles tighter and tighter every day until a day comes when our bodies just can’t handle it anymore and they collapses in one way or another. Our Ego’s have a wild imagination of all what they think they can achieve where in reality it’s our bodies who set the limits. And we are abusing them every day by putting too much burden on them, working long hours, stressing about money, not resolving our traumas and so on. That results in a low quality of life. Without Real and Stable foundations of a high Quality life everything we build will breakdown sooner or later.




You can find more information about Somatic Education and practitioners from all over the world at:


For Slovenian/Croatian readers I highly recommend Aleš Ernst, he is an incredible mentor and gives invaluable advice. He offers workshops and individual therapies.




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