Goodbye Saturn Return.

I won’t miss you. It’s been BRUTAL. Hope to NOT do this again in any lifetime, under any circumstance. But THANK you, for all the lessons and for pushing me to the breaking point to finally grow up and make my first steps into a brave, NEW world.

People born between February 1988 and February 1991 are next on the list. You will experience MASSIVE changes in the next 3 years. Your life as you know it will be gone completely and the more integrity you will demonstrate to yourself the more everything will fall into place. The ones born between February 1988 and the first half of May 1989 are starting the transition to their Soul’s evolutionary PURPOSE, from being too organized, detail oriented, stressed, putting work first, hanging with the crowds to a more peaceful, solitary, private, artistic and spiritual way of life. The ones born between the second half of May 1989 to the first half of November 1990 will start transitioning from being in the center of attention, the adored performer for their talents to being more community-oriented, part of a group, bringing innovation and electric change into Society. The ones born from the second half of November 1990 to February 1991 are transitioning from being more family oriented, private and putting emotions first to becoming more of a public figure, an authority in our Society, taking responsibility for their business talents and combining them with innovation and spiritual connection.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, a very different year motivated by extreme psychological changes and desires!

All the best πŸ’–



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