What an amazing and difficult year it was, 2017. Mind-blowing experiences, places, and interactions with people. The end of childish behavior and growing pains of Saturn Return for some, and breaking the barriers of inner or outer travel for others.
No matter what happens there is always this one thing, the base upon which we build everything else in our lives: our Attitude. Focusing on the things we do have and not on the things we don’t have. Focusing on the things we have achieved and not on the things we haven’t achieved. Grabbing the opportunity to appreciate a beautiful sunset instead of worrying or overthinking our everyday challenges. Appreciating the life that we have and taking the responsibility for finding solutions to make it even better. Finding ways to express ourselves, to feed the Artist within us and sharing our joy while we Create. That’s why we are here, to follow our bliss and express/create what makes us happy. If we feel lost or blocked then we need to find solutions for that first and seek help from Healers, Astrologers, Shamans, Teachers, Therapists. That’s why they are here, to help us.
2018 is going to be another mind-blowing year, only if you let it. The possibilities are endless. Go for it. Build your dream life, it’s waiting for you.

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