Eclipse Season 31. January – 15. February 2018. The switching rail guiding us toward the diverging Path. Big doors open and close. Shocking insights. Emotions running high! πŸ˜

The cleansing water of Aquarius the water bearer will be poured on us in this next couple of weeks with the intention to See the Truth with fresh, New eyes. The energy is already building toward the first Eclipse season of the year (the second one is in July – August). Lunar eclipse is on 31/1 at 11 degrees Leo and Solar Eclipse is on 15/2 at 27 degrees Aquarius. The more planets and points in Leo/Aquarius you have the more intensely you will feel it. Which area of your life is about to radically change depends on which Astrological House holds this Eclipse in your birth chart.

We will be confronted with people and situations from our past and potential future who will unexpectedly trigger something in us in a highly emotional way. Through our family, friends, enemies, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers we will see ourselves in the Mirror. Old issues that we were dragging with us or the ones we suppressed or forgot about regarding our self-worth, self-love, love toward the other, fear, personal and business commitment, the creative projects we engage in, our active expression, our vision, codependence – independence, the art we make through our talents, our passion and playfulness, our individual purpose and its progress, will be revealed to us. Our emotions will be also be ignited in the area of our traumas, trust issues, things that are uncomfortable to talk about, mysterious deep emotions will come to the surface leaving us overwhelmed. We will become very Consciously Aware of certain things, who we are, who we were, where are we going and if we really want to go there. The road will diverge into two paths and an opportunity will present itself where we will have the option to choose and will receive a big Push from the Universe to go in another direction, the Next step on our Soul Journey. We need to resolve our past, make Peace with it and lovingly and bravely step forward into the Unknown.

Enjoy the pleasure of Growth and endure the pain of Growth. We need to listen to our inner child and his needs. To feel emotional safety in this highly Unconscious, cruel, deceitful and disloyal world we live in today is a challenge for all of us! Only through self-compassion, self-support, self-nurture and self-protection we can then do all of these things for others. Know yourself and heal yourself first to consequently heal our Community/Society. Share your Love and Wisdom and participate in pouring the cleansing water of progress, break the outdated beliefs to experience the full effect of Aquarius: absolute freedom. Be yourself, be weird, it is appreciated. These same themes will repeat themselves until January 2019. For those of you who are already doing this and bravely rebelling and confronting the Low-Quality Society we have built, a deep Thank you, your work is heart-warming and extremely inspiring. For those who have not yet clean and take responsibility for their inner mess, the time is Now. People are waiting out there to help you, Shamans, Energy healers, Teachers, Mind and Body healers. All you need to do is decide and make it happen. No more playing victim. You can not Create and Destroy at the same time. Make the smart choice.

Lots of Love and Awareness to you and enjoy these intense weeks. Respect your friends, play with them, be an example of your own ideals! 😍






  1. Thank you so much Janja, with my moon ( solar) in Leo, sun aquarius (birth) and mars in the 11 house. I am for sure feeling and enjoying this. πŸ˜… lots of early childhood hurt.


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