CHIRON ENTERS ARIES 17/4/2018 + NEW MOON CONJUNCT CHIRON 17/3/2018. A new era of clarity, action and optimism is coming. Destruction of traditions. A 50-year cycle of consciousness finishes. Birth.


CHIRON, the powerful Healer, the brave Teacher, the wise Master

In Chiron’s placement we are deeply wounded, we feel inadequate, inferior, scared, incompetent and unworthy. During our lifetime we overcompensate in that certain area to fill the void of deep pain, darkness and hopelessness. Gradually we rise above these issues and through dealing with the same problems and obstacles over and over again we gain maturity, experience, knowledge and strength to overcome our weakest points and traits. The more work we put into it the stronger our Healing Powers become. Later in life, even more strongly after our Chiron return at 50 years of age we free ourselves of the deeply hidden burdens and we pass on the knowledge we gained from our personal experience to others who are in need of it.


Finally, the moment we have been all waiting for! Like the Sun suddenly shines his warm rays through the dark grey clouds, the sign of Aries bravely finds his way up through the dirt as a seed, a new impulse of consciousness magically born out of nowhere emerging into New Life, creating an individual, new, creative, brave and different  Self-image. We will feel the shift strongly, it has actually already started, everything that was happening up until this point was guiding us toward a big breakthrough in our Consciousness. We will feel renewed and have more energy to re-build our Personality. We feel that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are done with the past and we are never going back. The impulse to progress and create a new way of being is so strong that we cannot resist it anymore. We are angry, we want to do something and not just quietly hope that things will change anymore. We will express our opinion loudly and be an example for others, we will learn how to hold each others’ hands and support each other in expressing our Voice. We will face the insecurities we have about our bodies and our performance. We will publicly face our Vulnerability. We will become Conscious of the fact that we have the right to exist and that our-Self is worthy of Unconditional Love. We will jump into new relationships where we will apply all the spiritual knowledge we have gained and integrated. We will demand Conscious relationships with others, leaving the confusion, sacrifice and non-equality behind. We will bring fresh, new ideas into our communities and fight for change. We will no longer tolerate immature, deceitful presidents and leaders, we will not cave under pressure anymore. Those times are in the past. This is the new normal. We will educate ourselves and speak our mind. We will push forward and create one new world after the other until the old one becomes completely obsolete.




On his »birthday« Chiron will conjunct Mercury the Earthy Messenger while Sun will conjunct Uranus the Astral Messenger. This bold and fast fire stellium will be well supported by North node in his sister sign Leo. Therefore this next 7-year cycle will be colored with lots of communication, unexpected ground shaking ideas and projects, giving us full on motivation and power to rise above our past beliefs and behavior and not let others get away with treating us unfairly. We are here to freely express ourselves and not suppress ourselves for the sake of »tradition«. Tradition is beautiful as long as it is not damaging. The fiery stellium »in us« will be less supported or in other words motivated with tension and obstacles by Saturn, Mars and Pluto in slow, earthy Capricorn conjunction. While we will be ready to conquer the world and the highest personal mountains we will be constantly reminded that things take time to develop and change. It will take much more time than we would like and that’s why we need to learn how to be balance action with patience. Moon with Venus in Taurus will support these Capricorn planets and give us access to grounded, peaceful energy. The only thing that helps us to be in our bodies, take our time and align with natural Earthy laws is BODY WORK. Physical exercises and Breathing exercises, weekly, purposefully, for the rest of our lives. Yoga, Hanna Somatics, Breathing methods,… Find the ones that suit your needs and phase of growth that you are in right now and commit to them. Find the deeper reason for it. It will calm you down, you will see things more realistically and deal easily with all the challenges. This is even more urgent for people who lack earth in their charts! If you want to do too much too quickly you burn out and accumulate chronic pain over time and then you don’t really have time to enjoy life and create exciting things. Neptune and Jupiter will also support each other in water signs, Pisces and Scorpio, bringing us Luck in deep committed relationships while bravely facing and shining a light on traumas and wounds, clearing out old karma and becoming aware of not making new unwanted one (karma = the consequences of our past actions). We more clearly understand now that deep down we are One and what one does affects the whole. The field of our Collective Unconscious is a forever changing substance growing with us, and even if it changes so slowly that we are not able to see the results in one lifetime, what we do matters. We are improving the world right this moment with our actions personally, locally and globally. Looking at the big picture, we are emerging from centuries of Suppression, Patriarchy and Destructive conditional Love. And we are not tolerating this anymore. We want True Love, Unconditional Love, Expression and Acceptance, Support and Growth, we are ending the domination of the violent, brutal, rude and ugly EGO. Be proud of yourself for everything that you are doing. You are here now, fully charged with passion to create something new and exciting, to share it with the world and to leave a positive impact, and we all THANK YOU for it.




New Moon at 26 degrees Pisces kickstarting the New Chiron cycle. The Sabian symbol for this degree says (I’m paraphrasing): »People realize that the time has come to go ahead with their personal projects«. The time has come to emerge out of spiritual oneness, co-dependency and conformity, which has become quite obvious in the past few months (#Metoo, #Timeisup, #Nomoreguns #Fightcorruption). We will expand beyond the known and familiar, rebel and create new trends and paths. New Moon is a big beginning represented with the Sun and Moon conjoining in Unity. It is intensely connected to vulnerable, sensitive Chiron in Pisces energy, therefore we will become aware of our hurts acutely. After that, our Egos and our Emotions will achieve an understanding and turn over a new leaf. Feel the sadness, the pain, the unfairness, listen to what your body tells you and what is coming out of the Unconscious. Cry and forgive, they did what they knew best. Hold your wounds and be the loving parent/partner/brother/friend you needed and never had. Feel how crushed you are by this cruel world. Feel your feelings and move on. Let it go. The Sabian symbol for Chiron in Pisces at 28 degrees says: »A fertile garden under the full Moon reveals a variety of full-grown vegetables«. In other words, things now manifest fully, clearly and powerfully. A variety of unique needs become satisfied, abundance is offered from nature; she does not discriminate but gives nourishment equally to every living being, loves us Unconditionally and takes care of our different needs and wants. That’s what we all need to learn from her, TEACH EACH OTHER, put it into practice and finally leave a worthy legacy behind.


I wish you a deeply needed release of emotions and an amazing new Birth afterwards!

Sending Love, Hugs and Presence your way  ❤️💛💚💙💜


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