Our Ultimate Truth is Love. We want to give it, share it, receive it and show it through everything we do. We don’t fully understand why are we so soft, compassionate, flowy and confused in the place where we were »supposed« to be hard, strong, focused and adultlike. We operate from a different state than people around us, we exist in a world without boundaries, rules or ambition in a traditional sense.  We make rules in our own way. Our spiritual practice, our creative practice and our emotionally charged relationships are our number one priority, everything else is secondary and not as important. As we grow up and start to become our own person we start to release classic structures of society more and more and get in touch with our Soul, our inner spiritual world, our emotions and the collective unconscious instead. We become Artists or Spiritual authorities where we receive our motivation and purpose from a place »beyond knowing«. We want to share Divine Love with each other and build careers based on service, compassionate support and enjoyment of artistic expression. We want to help each other Grow and Heal. We are reaching for an »ideal« world and do our best to create it and with it contribute to our Society. We don’t care what others said would be the »right« thing to do, we go with the flow and make decisions based on how we feel. Everything else gets washed away sooner or later. We are the Daydreamers and the Healers. We are learning to embrace in this lifetime that Love is just as valid as anything else and it needs to be included in the work we do. Being a musician who poures his Soul into his music and shares frequencies of Love with people through his performance is of equal value of a sales assistant who gives his best service to his customers and shares Love and Devotion to everyone he meets in his day or a spiritual teacher who holds space for you to confront your fears and transform unconscious destructive patterns. We value depth and intense connections with others. We are letting go of inherited karmic patterns that no longer serve us, specifically around our career paths, statuses, authoritativeness, aggressive ambition, toxic egoic masculinity and superiority. Neptune is Selfless, Soft, Caring, non-linear, emotional, one with everything and untamable. Our priorities are very different from the generations behind and after us. We are emotional sponges and can feel, hear or see things in spiritual realms and it is a big part of our life since Capricorn is a sign of Power, Leadership, Tenacity and the ultimate »Boss/Father« who holds things together, locally or globally. We are more gentle, sensitive and want to express Love. Within us Capricorn and Neptune are interconnected and we maybe sometimes don’t really receive the appreciation for what we are and what we bring into this world. There is still too much delusion and fantasy inside the whole perception of our Society, we idealize some actors and musicians so extremely that we perceive them as »saviors« and therefore ourselves as »martyrs«. Where in reality they are just creating art and being of service. The same goes for Shamans and Teachers, they are just ordinary people like us who took the responsibility for their talents and perfected them. All talents are of the same value and we all have some, we just don’t see that yet. With Saturn now transiting Capricorn things will become much more clear for us, we have a great opportunity to release fantasies, illusions, unnecessary emotional baggage, fears and confusion. We have been so repressed and devalued  up until now that we didn’t even realize it! People with their natal Saturn – Neptune in Capricorn placement will now start to rise to their inner power and authority and will show us a more firm and realistic manifestation of this Neptune energy. Their journey is to embody everything mentioned above even more intensely. Saturn was mostly in Capricorn between 1988 and 1991 and on top of that Uranus was also in Capricorn mostly between 1988 and 1996. These people, especially with all three planets in Capricorn will completely transform the classic, traditional view of »careers« and »power of authority« and be the pioneers of a new era, strongly influencing and inventing new ways in which we will live our »archetypal/hierarchical pyramid«. The underlying influence of these Leaders is Pluto, who was mostly in Scorpio between 1984 and 1995. Laser focus, deep emotional desires to connect and get along, x-ray senses, nuclear emotional and healing power, unseen bravery to go where no one else will go – to face the darkest and hardest experiences and come out of hell reborn. We are here to show that Love is Powerful and without it we are like a sinking ship clinging to the last bit of False Power. Authenticity is a major issue in our Society. There is a big difference between False and Real Love and we Plutos in Scorpio have destroyed everything we loved (and believe me that is the worst thing that you can do to a Scorpio), we blew up the very ground we stood on because the lies, deceit and fake vibes we were getting day after day drove us to the very edge. Boom! No more delusions, no more faking it just to fit in. With all the bridges we have burned we are showing each other where to go instead. We still have a while to go before we shed all the fantasies we were believing in for so long but we are getting there. We are also learning to love ourself through the polarity point in Taurus. And then there is a group of people who have Chiron in Cancer, it was mostly there between 1988 and 1991. They are deeply wounded in giving and receiving Unconditional Love but they need to mature first to learn that overcompensating their emptiness and woundedness with other things will not fill that void. They need to heal themselves on a spiritual level and find the medicine in learning how to Love and Care Unconditionally.  When they do they will share it with the world through their Capricorn planets including Neptune, and pass on the knowledge they were forced to learn and master.

Love makes you kind, Love makes you grow, Love makes you alive and happy. Love is always the answer. My dear fellow Capricorns and Scorpios, let’s remind ourselves to create the Love and Abundance we are craving on this beautiful planet Earth every single day.

Real is rare, let’s make it the norm 💖🦋






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