Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn. Deep and Powerful Transformation this week.

Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Lilith are all in Capricorn right now. Mars conjuncts Pluto tomorrow, 26th April 2018. Key words to remember:

Mars: action, self-image, body, individuality, our unique Earthy desires
Pluto: evolution, deep psychological change, metamorphosis, Soul desires
Saturn/Capricorn: work, delays, big picture, quality structure, long term value, slow steps
Lilith: the dark shades of our personality, suppressed emotions, independence

When Mars and Pluto meet an intense mysterious push comes from within which directs us into projects which deeply satisfy us on a Soul level. Deep psychological change is occurring at the moment and we are starting a big new cycle where we are bravely making a bold jump into the unknown. It can be scary, heavy and demanding but on the other hand very exciting and we can sense it is something we need to do. Our instincts are heightened right now. It is a deep hunger and passion for creativity that is calling us and there is nothing that will stop us. Mars – our willpower conjoined with Pluto – our raw intensity of emotions equals an extreme breakthrough.




It can manifest as many different things, as an aggressive outburst, illness or a deep emotional loss if we are not Conscious enough to walk on the path that is meant for us, or it can help us give the motivation to finally start that business we were always dreaming of or to make that next step in our growth. The process is much easier when you are Conscious of it and in sync with Natural laws. Either way, the time has come. Something very big is ending within our Consciousness and something new and bold is beginning. Since there are Saturn and Capricorn involved the change is happening more slowly and maturely, we are taking careful steps through our strategic plan and are aware that we are creating something of great value and therefore need to do it right. Delays are a part of it so we can constructively think it through and with that leave a worthy legacy to our Society. We might experience anger – Lilith because of the obstacles we are facing. Lilith in Capricorn is the dominatrix that will not submit to you in any way. Coupled with Mars – Pluto you can imagine that her need for power, status and authority is beyond extreme. When you are Conscious of the Lilith in yourself you can use her for the higher good and apply this energy into your creative work with which you can either help raise the Collective Consciousness and give your contribution to the personal development arena, or you can paint a painting which we will all admire and pay you big money for it. The choice is always yours. As I have said it before I will say it again, if you are in a stage where you are lost, confused, stuck and unable to be creative it means that you are blocked, spiritually or physically and you need to fix that problem first. You need to take the Responsibility for yourself and make it happen. There are many many people out there willing to help you understand your issues. Decide to break free from old outgrown patterns and start living your life to the fullest! Right now you are very supported by the Universe to do so. You are the reason you are not happy not “others”. You have the Power my dear.

Another big thing that has started last week is Chiron’s transition in Aries. What a shift in the energy right?? It feels like nothing has changed but at the same time everything has changed radically! Just wow! I am an empath and I can feel the collective energy shifts very strongly. It is a subtle change and it is manifesting very gradually, we are transitioning from focusing on healing the spiritual parts of ourselves, the collective energy field and our ideals for the last 7 years to healing the physical parts, our identity, our desires and our personal reality for the next 7 years. Big change from confused, indecisive and loving Pisces to clear, brave, bold and pioneering Aries.

Have a great week and trust that you are supported to do what you came here to do.



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