Very big changes are happening this year! First, we had Chiron move into Aries in April and now Uranus into Taurus. Can you feel how energy shifted in the last month? Completely new things, ideas and opportunities have started to manifest in our lives. We are making more bold and brave decisions and we are finally ready to start that new journey we have been dreaming of for a very long time. How wonderful! Our personal and our collective consciousness is changing and things are becoming more clear. Our illusions and unrealistic attachments are dissolving. Out with the old, in with the new. We are letting go of what is wrong for us, or what we have outgrown so we can head on our new exciting journey. Without baggage, without false ideals, without old, repeating and damaging behavior patterns. It’s time to let go! Listening to our Higher Selves and becoming radically aware of what we need to consciously release right now is the key to transition into the new arena of our lives. We create our own worlds with our free will, through living and expressing the energy of the never-ending changing planetary cycles.





For example; Uranus was in Aries from 13th March 2011 to 15th May 2018, and he will be in Taurus from 16th May 2018 to 8th July 2025.
Uranus represents our Higher Minds, the Divine Truth which hits us with an unexpected insight, with a shocking revelation which expands our intelligence and our horizons. Uranus is: the genius ideas, the progressive, futuristic thinking, the rebellion against tradition, the evolution of humanity, the need for worldwide social connection, enlightenment and improvement, and to create a better, more equal society. He wants to liberate and detach from the outdated, whether we want it or not.
Aries represents our identity, our image, our physical body (especially the head), our desires and our willpower to go after what we want to achieve. Aries wants to be the first, the best and will bravely do his own thing regardless of what anyone thinks or says. He wants to be the first in the new unknown territory so he can show others how special he is. They have that in common with Uranus. They also both want to create new things, and do it fast. So, if we take a look at what has been going on over the last 7 years we can clearly see the connection. The rise of Social Media, Selfies, Webinars, more and more simple individuals feeling the need to free themselves and do their creative endeavors through the world wide web. We connect more through Social Media than before and we have access to a lot more information. We socialize and express our Self (Aries) in a new way, we are a part of workshops, events and conversations with people on the other side of the planet, we share knowledge and experiences with them with the speed of light! Uranus and Aries have joined forces and gave us an opportunity which had manifested in the way it had because this is the stage of consciousness and the stage of evolution that we are in at the moment. When they meet next time in 2095 their expression will be very different.

We will have the opportunity to take care of our planet, our home and our natural environments and find new, improved ways to do so in the next 7 years with Uranus in Taurus. The time has come to slow down. The energy of Taurus is more gentle, loving, peaceful, wants to sustain and keep ahold of what he likes. Taurus likes to enjoy life, receive pleasure from it, is focused on the 5 body senses and wants to please them. He likes sensual pleasures, the physical enjoyment of sex, food, comfort and rest. Taurus is pure Presence, zen and being grounded in the body. He wants a stable, loving environment, loyal people around him and abundance of everything he can imagine. He takes the time to smell the flowers, to practice self-love and self-respect, he knows his worth and will stubbornly defend it. He is very talented in money management and likes to buy quality products. Money and safety are very important to him. He also likes to create things of long-lasting value, things that are tangible, practical and artistic. He rules art and Uranus will revolutionize this area in a very interesting way. Taurus also rules the food we eat and grow, our gardens, our creative menus and our connection to nature. When Uranus and Taurus join their power and mix their energies we will experience big changes and progress in all areas mentioned. Uranus will shine a strong light and push us toward innovation. Our collective subconscious is shifting as we speak to a new natural cycle of evolution. We can already see the beginnings of some of it; sex (Taurus) robots (Uranus), wanting to create habitats (Taurus) on other planets (Uranus), new and fair (Uranus) money value (Taurus) – cryptocurrency, new ways of recycling (Uranus) to protect the Earth (Taurus), new, grounding and more effective methods of physical exercise (Taurus) which help us liberate (Uranus) from past hidden emotional baggage, and so on.

Taurus and Uranus are less alike than Aries and Uranus but nevertheless, they will find a way to get along. We can experience more tension between our ideas and how to make them a tangible reality, especially in the year 2018 when Uranus will square the Nodes + Mars. Be patient and accept that slow is ok. The tension of the squares will dissolve toward the end of the year. When Taurus, in other words Venus, and Uranus sit at a table with the intention to cooperate they find that one wants to go slow, the other fast. One wants attachment, other detachment. One physical pleasure, other intellectual pleasure. They don’t quite understand each other, but ultimately, with Patience and Love anything is possible. What they do have in common is they are both master builders, one in the clouds and the other on Earth. They are both very creative while being very excited and fulfilled by it! When we put our egos out of the way, we can learn from each other so much and can create the impossible, together.




Challenges or not, we will evolve radically in the area of Self-love which is fantastic! This is something that we severely lack as a society and now it will become very important for us to talk more about it and free ourselves from outdated beliefs. We will find new ways to be Present, feel safe, loved and enjoy life which is connected to so many things. The more we live in Love and Abundance the more we spread that energy around us, and that is the biggest blessing that we can give each other after living all these centuries in deep fear! It’s time for a new revolution!


“If you truly loved yourself, you could never hurt another.”


❤️🦋 Have a great week and enjoy the transition 🦋❤️

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  1. Ahem…cryptocurrencies are marketed to sound fair, and for everyone, but the demographics and reality are totally the opposite. The Central Banks will reign it in and co-opt it cause most governments and corporations want even more central control (Pluto in Cap), not less. Also, with Pluto conjunct Saturn in Pluto in 2020, I predict a time of “getting real”. With Uranus finally at 3+ of Taurus, it could mean a deviation from all fiat and digital currencies and a movement towards a community based marketplace based on some barter and new forms of tangible exchange with intrinsic value.

    There’s a spiritual war being waged behind the scenes, between forces and beliefs that seek to dehumanize human beings even further, and small but growing population that is beginning to see and fear what more digitization of our societies could mean. A choice point is coming…and I am hoping enough people will have the clarity of vision (20-20) to make the choice for soul, heart and organically based Life.


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