This week is a very important one, the transformation that will take place during the whole summer 2018 has begun. Mars in Aquarius transiting the South Node of the Moon.

Fated events.
Same situations from the past repeating themselves.
Facing and resolving anger.
A strong push to conquer our destined path, the North Node of the Moon.
Others mirroring our unconscious issue to us.
Lightning bolts of insights and visions incoming.
Another chance to make things right.

With Mars we have two options: release your unresolved anger on everyone around you including yourself and spread vibes of destruction and hatred OR find ways to heal yourself energetically and physically with the help of authentic and wise teachers so you can use your Mars for conquering your goals and desires. When we don’t understand ourselves and know ourselves we project our anger onto others and blame them for our own issues and blockages. People come into our lives and trigger our wounds again and again until we make the unconscious conscious.

For example, I have heavily aspected my own South Node which means I have to deal with a lot of unconscious stuff in this life and I get easily sucked into my past unwanted behavior patterns. It doesn’t happen often anymore because I did 10 years of self-healing and personal development work but when it does it usually comes as a big shock. I need to put double effort into changing and healing myself if I want to achieve my North Node potential. A few people around me highly triggered me recently and I slipped into the same “old me”, into my previous identity, the familiar pattern. Boundaries needed to be set from one side or the other.  I got a strong feeling that I am not on the right path, that this is not how I want to behave and this is not how I will achieve what I really want. My own South Node desires and anger issues rose to the surface to show me what I haven’t yet completely resolved from my past EVEN though I thought I did. It took me a few days to process it and to understand what was really going on, and the moment I saw the TRUTH that was mirrored back to me, which was the reflection of my own behavior patterns, I broke free from the grip of my past and the pattern dissolved instantly. I became conscious of what were this people showing me that I couldn’t see myself and said to myself ENOUGH! I made a choice to take responsibility for my thoughts, actions and desires and to change myself into the person I want to become. Immediately after that, the next day, the reflection in the mirror was gone and what I felt inside was power, calmness, a connection to the universe like never before and a strong feeling of “I am on the right path now, I have cleared the emotional baggage and I am taking back my power.” Anger can be used as a powerful tool to “take no more shit from yourself” and as a motivator to push yourself to the next level of your evolution. You need to let go of who you were and consciously decide you are willing to take the jump into the unknown, the unfamiliar and bravely go do things you have never done before, the opposite things of your South Node energy. Taking responsibility for your North Node experiences will reward you in unimaginable ways.

Anger in moderate expression is always needed because it has the same value as other emotions but there is a very big difference when you use it consciously and you are in control of it, or when it comes out over-intensified because it has been accumulated and misunderstood by yourself for years or decades. You need to be the parent and the inner authority to yourself if you want to grow up, mature and achieve your Soul potential. The best way to balance anger is stillness. Going out in nature, doing regular physical exercises, intentionally producing calmness, being in solitude, moving away from people so you can get in touch with your Higher Self. He/She has the answers you seek.


⚡⚡ Have a great and an enlightening summer! 💙💙


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