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My name is Janja Gabrijel, I was born in 1986 in Slovenia and for my 31st birthday I quit my job, bought a one way ticket and moved to England where I’ve actually never been before, to build my dream life. I feel a deep connection to Astrology and I have been learning it independently since 2014. I use it to empower you, to give you a sense of direction with valuable insights and help you with the everyday challenges you face. I create a bridge between an obstacle and a solution. I resonate most with evolutionary and psychological astrology. I am constantly educating myself and improving my skills to become better and wiser at giving my service. It took me a long time to find my true identity and my Purpose, and I am very happy that I can now help you with my talents. I am here to change Society’s old unhealthy programming and encourage you to Grow, Create success and become Aware of your own Power. I used to be very scared, lonely, lost and haunted by my demons in ways only some can imagine. Dealing with and healing my wounds were the most brutal Life lessons I could sign up for.

Now I want to pass on the knowledge I learned and practice in my life from an intense inner journey which began in 2008 and developed into extreme transformation. I overcame some very hard challenges and Astrology helped me put all the pieces together, it gave me Clarity and Trust that I couldn’t have got any other way. Like others are for me, I am here to support you, to challenge you, to transform you and push you toward the way your Soul wants to be on. Astrology is an incredibly powerful helper, it expands your horizons and lets you look into the hidden corners of your Unconscious, where you can see things from a New perspective and gain a New understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, talents and obstacles. Life is a never ending challenge, every year we face new puzzles about our relationships, money, family, career, health, values, material or spiritual journey, wounds, traumas, joys and self expression, and Astrology can be your invaluable guide every step of the way. It is the most accurate guide in the world! People have been measuring and relying on planetary cycles since ancient times. It is a tool designed for your support anytime and in any kind of Life situation. It gives you a broader understanding¬† and simple solutions for creating a path toward your goals. The future that you are creating depends on the knowledge you have today. I provide that valuable knowledge for you. I can explain to you in detail why something is going on, how to deal with it and overcome it, and what to expect from it in the future in any Life stage. I have a proven track record with great results and happy customers. You can see what they have to say under Reviews.

Knowledge creates power. Lets learn how to create a beautiful New world, together.

My Email: gabrijelastro1986@yahoo.com


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