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My services are: a Birth Chart Reading, a Relationship Chart Reading and a Reading for a specific Question. What I need is your date, time and place of birth with any questions or additional information you would like to ask and share. The more you tell me the deeper I can go with my research. You will receive the Reading In a PDF document and an MP3 recording in one week (in busier periods no more than two weeks).

I explain and analyse your natal planetary positions, what does it all mean, how they affect each other and how does that play out in your life. I investigate current transits and cycles which tell me what is going in your life right now and then I look into the past and future planetary cycles to paint a bigger picture of your Life. With this information I have a clear understanding of who you are, what is your purpose, important experiences and events that have and will shape you, how to heal your wounds, in which direction to turn to be happier, where is it going to take longer to achieve success, how to deal with difficult situations or illness and whatever else you can think of. I am here to help you gain a deeper awareness of your Self.

You can also book me if you need a different kind of Reading, for example for a new business or marriage. A Birth chart Reading is also very useful for a newborn baby so parents can know exactly what to expect and make growth easier for all family members.

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I apply the same approach for a Relationship Reading that I use for a Birth Chart Reading, I give you an explanation of how well your planetary positions fit together, what challenges are you facing as a couple and how to overcome them, and what important experiences are shaping your relationship now and later.

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If you would only like a Reading for one specific Question regarding any area of your life (or for example for a Solar return chart – what can you expect to happen in one specific year or a Relocation chart – how would moving to another country affect you) I can analyse all the planetary positions, cycles and aspects just for the specific question as well. You will then understand the reasons why this situation is happening and how to solve it and what other experiences and events are connected to that specific situation. I will help you gain awareness on how to find the root cause of the problem or just what to expect from the situation in question.


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