Wow! I was really impressed. I’ve been reading a lot about astrology and wanted to learn more. I asked Janja to give me some insight into the astrological placements and transits of two people with whom I am close, that both have the same type of serious illness. They had given me their permission and details to research it for my own learning. I was not experienced enough to see the patterns in play on my own, so wanted some help. She was amazing. She gave me a much fuller insight into what was happening and the transits that were causing the stress. I would be very happy to recommend Janja and to go to her for another reading. She was great.

Veronica, America


I had a reading from Janja and I can say that I am surprised by her talent in astrology. Though I asked her a question only about my love life, she gave me extended information about all the issues related to my question: money, work and she also explained in details the transits that could influence me. I would strongly recommend her to any astrology believer for her skills and I feel pity that Facebook had an option of evaluation only with 5 starts because Janja deserves 10 stars. Her reading is an excellent analyze of one’s character though birth chart and she can give anybody strong insight for any issue that you address at her.

Lili, Albania


Janja’s reading of my chart was very sharp, with compassionate guidance and a keen eye for detail. Through highlighting certain themes, she helped me see the larger perspective: my potential and purpose. Highly recommended.

Rose, Ireland


I’ve known Janja for a while and I was there at her early beginnings. I never saw her so passionate and joyful before she started reading people’s charts. I’ve had consults with other astrologers and was astonished by her work. She told me more in quantity and quality about me than any of them. Incredible talent!

Marjan, Slovenia


Janja’s view on the chart is very professional, she pays attention to a lot of details but still keeps the big picture in mind. Her Aquarius stelium gives her a fresh view. She focuses on a constructive interpretation with practical tips. A kind person with a lot of knowledge and inspiring perspective!

Norica, Romania

I was in a dark place when I asked Janja if she can look into my astrological chart and I was very grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone to ask for a different kind of help. Now I know that there are brighter days ahead and that I still have something to look forward to. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses in a new way and try to avoid conflicts by balancing the two. I am much more certain in which direction I should go than before.

Katja, Slovenia


Thank you for the perfect reading. It was so detailed and beautifully explained. Answers a lot of my doubts. Thank you.

Kamal, India


I loved how Janja used her unique metaphors to express the complexity written in the stars. She introduced me to astrology, answered millions of my questions and gave me interesting insights. She is warm, kind and modest person who shines through the knowledge of astrology. She is a professional to whom I would definitely return to when my head is exploding with questions again.

Maruša, Slovenia